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One of my friends , always feel in life, eating burgers can eat flies, turbid water are Seya fat stomach pain . She Internet every day into the wee hours , then twelve o'clock to get up after a few months she began intermittently vomiting . She said: You see how bad my life .

I could not persuade her well , but hollister I can not matter to her. She simply naive , gifted , do not know who preparedness , but also never a bad heart. Her soul is always tight sullenly staring angrily to this world, but do not know us and this world, this sincere love her small appearance .

My other friend , she said, know their fat, boyfriends also quarrel , do not put her mind , and finally broke up, she said that I know very well because they are not good enough . If I am tall and slender , with the angel who looks so and so , I will not fall into this humble painful position .

But she is a cute girl so easily satisfied . When I was ready till late at night when things quietly stay with me do not go away , help me to share some of the work himself tired after angry . Even the most humble of hard work always done fast, complete a class study room ready to buy a fire training exam. Humble strong teeth and tears to confront life , stiffness .

But I have also seen some girls , the schools , into the hollister famous enterprises , always dressed so properly, look ever so spirits, live always graceful ease the way , there is always so much worship and YongCu . I know some girls , tall well-proportioned , comfortable look fresh, participate in various " beauty " competition , display style , the audience is always a flash and praise in t table.

Until I became roommates and their friends , to see people not exposed in front of everyone , that side of microblogging . They stay up studying at night , take a stroll brains store to find the most suitable for that piece of clothing, get up at five thirty in that the further back out of the book of the words . At least three times a week to take turns running , yoga , swimming , dance, and over thousands of pacing in front of a large mirror hollister outlet, positioning ,

When young, the project manager poke hide her white hair , told me that there is nothing inherently lucky .

Got the " sailing Beauty" , signing one after another plane , she told me: life the show , but also need to practice a hundred times , it may return a beauty.

Life gives you some pain , just to tell you that it wants to teach you something . Again not learn, once you're suffering , do not always learn , you repeatedly wrestling in the same place .

The package will package , has learned.

You think you have bad luck , flow, frustration , depressed , as if never see coming .

You think you have solved the problem of endless , endless talk of trouble, can not escape the depressing , and so does not come good luck.

Do you think we are all waiting for the sky out of luck hollister uk, hit you , since you need to worry, do not work very thin very white beautiful, sat waiting enviable . Do not pay a return .

Is there such a person ? Yes, but very rarely . And most importantly , you are not.

You do not know who called in which one lucky girl the night so do the questions which will be a multi- points were so much more knowledge than you so 0.01 points, you do not know , lucky girl does not know.

Lucky girl you do not know in what meals you eat less than what hollister uk a stadium in which things run more than a few hundred meters so you are thinner than you are more beautiful than your mind , you do not know , lucky girl do not know.

But I guess , they will know , at a young age , can not be lazy, can not stop , to profound knowledge , or regret , to doing all . Qinnengbuzhuo , Kujinganlai .

Are the same people , the same will face many problems . Person's life , but also solve the hollister outlet problem of life only. Ben struggling to move forward , some beaten , could break the world, but not hard to spell , only mixed with food to die. Where is lucky , but nothing of their choice .

Looking back , who is not the way of the bloodied ?

But in every show, examinations , competitions when the mouth hollister uk, close your eyes and think of the way the fresh memory , very substantial, have tried , no regrets , because live too hard and I remember so clearly , involuntarily smiled : I have a well-deserved heart , the other to do with God .

Because in this way, we have no choice. No turning back , can not escape , only to let the chill wind blowing Ling Lie ground , black and blue with cold but slowly forward gamely .

Not always see the rainbow after the storm .

But bit his lip hard nor fear gentle and stubborn girl will always win.


I was seventeen years old at the time , I am eager to two things : First, hollister outlet they want to find a book on the shelf , the second is to find a friend you can talk while walking . At that time I did not realize these aspirations , so I hope I can give you today, these two things seventeen years old , I hope I wrote you are looking to find, and I hope I am that you can walk and talk friends.

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